Women's Health

Cervical Cancer Screening

子宮頸癌普查( 柏士抹片檢查) 

For sexually active ladies to age 65
HPV vaccine( Gardasil 9)
人類乳頭病毒預防針 (加衛苗9)

Effectively reduces the risk of cervical cancer and its pre- malignant changes
It also prevent genital warts, head and neck cancers
For adults, boys and girls aged 9 or above

有效預防兒子宮頸癌及其癌之前期病病變,亦可防止性病( 椰菜花)和某些頭頸癌
9 歲以上男女皆可接種
Breasts examination

Breast cancer ranked the top female cancer in Hongkong, there are nine women diagnosed to have breast cancer everyday
The risk of breast cancer does not reduce with menopause but actually increases

Regular breast examination with breast imaging are proven strategies to discover early treatable cancer

乳癌已經成為香港女性最常見的癌症,每日都有9個女士確診乳癌,乳癌不會因收經而減少, 反而年紀越大, 機會越高


Antenatal Check

Are you preparing to be a mother? 
You will need some tests on infectious disease, thalassemia screening, blood group

Folic acid, a vitamin preventing neural tube defect, should be started before a pregnancy starts 

Knowing your ovulation day will enhance your chance of getting pregnant

妳需要驗血檢驗血型,地中海貧血, 傳染病
懷孕之前亦應開始服用葉酸補充丸, 以防止腦神經管缺陷

Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal problems

From common candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis to sexually transmitted diseases

Annaul check for gestational diabetes

If you have suffered from gestational diabetes during pregnancy, your risk of developing diabetes mellitus is seven times higher, an annual blood test will help detect the disease at early stage

如果妳曾於懷孕時患上妊娠性糖尿, 妳有高七倍機會患糖尿, 每年應進行驗血檢查
Bone Density Check

According to surveys conducted by the CUHK, 50% of postmenopausal women has osteoporosis.Osteoporosis progresses undetected until a fracture occurs, early diagnosis can make a difference in your life. You can protect your bones if you act early


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